My Weenkel

February 02 at 18:06

Juan Sebastian Jurado Pavon
Cel: (12)99600-0429 (12) 3206-9897

January 23 at 22:25
Jogo Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 - PS3

Jogo de playstation 3 novo na caixa.

December 09 at 12:46
Camisas Abercrombie

Disponível em várias cores.

May 27 at 18:36
Super Whey Protein

Proteína concentrada do soro do leite.
27g de ...

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What can I do at MyWeenkel?

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    Share stuffs, products and services with your friends.
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    Share products at facebook, twitter, google+ or by e-mail.
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    Find what you need by lower price and with people you trust!
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    Create a wish list and show your friends your consumption desires.
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    Comment, suggest, criticize and opine on the products of your network.
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    Become a store representative of a friend or of your favorite brands.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    It serves to connect people commercially. Here, friends and acquaintances create a profile and interact with each other, exploring this relationship commercially or collaboratively.

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    There are infinite possibilities of use. Below we suggest a few:

    • Create a virtual and personal store to advertise any product or service. Very useful, for example, for handicraft vendors, costume jewelry, direct sales.
    • Create a group to exchange things such as books, clothes, collections (coins, stamps).
    • Offer or seek donations of things or animals, such as dogs or cats.
    • Create an online store offering clothing pieces, accessories etc.
    • Announce everything that no longer interests you or find what you want with people you know.
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    It is varied. There are autonomous vendor, sporadic advertisers, service providers of all types. Normally the users access the network with nothing to announce, but soon recognize the features utility to seel something and find what they want. In MyWeenkel you can organize all your commercial life in the same place, with the convenience of dealing with people you trust.

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    a. Complete your registration!
    We encourage you to register completely on the site. So, you will have the opportunity to be recognized by your friends and you´ll transmit more credibility.

    b. Create or expand your business network
    Send an invitation to as many people as you can. So you can discover things or services that interest you. To do so, click the button "Add Friends" in the lower left corner of your profile.

    c. Try to announce something!
    Look for items in your home that you no longer use, want to advertise and could be used by someone else. Take pictures and upload the product to the platform. To do this so, click the button "Advertise" and fill with data describing the product. Confirm and share the product with your social network or by e-mail, using the functions that are under the photo of your product.

    d. Browse the site and discover all the features!

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